While Media remains a powerful tool influence public opinion, we use it to provide a platform for co-creation and participation of underrepresented communities in the making of culture.

We create collective narratives that explore empowerment, self-determination and new ways of belonging.


At Borderless TV we offer mentorship to young people, refugees and migrants living in and around Colgone. We have a regular calendar of activities, workshops, screenings and more.

Refugees are usually in front of the camera, and rarely ever behind it. They are frequently portrayed on TV as voiceless victims that must speak from a certain position or remain silent and invisible. While, the Media remains a powerful tool to influence public opinion it can also be used to create agency and empowerment. This is why Borderless TV is a participatory platform for underrepresented communities to reverse power relations, to take control of how they want to be represented and to raise their voices.

Felipe Castelblanco

Artist, Co-Founder


Unsere offenen Redaktionstreffen Sind jeden Mittwoch von 15 bis 19 Uhr in der Alteburger Str, 40, 2. HH, 50678 Köln – Kommt vorbei!