BorderlessTV is a media Initiative by refugees who produce short films, reports and experimental formats together with local film-makers. Through these films they give individual insights to their realities and perspectives. Discussions with the protagonists are always part of the public screenings. BorderlessTV provides participation and conjoint engagement as well as continuation of professions and learning of new skills. As refugees take a position behind instead of in front of the camera, they allow for new perspectives complex issues associated with migration.

BorderlessTV was initiated by Felipe Castelblanco (*Bogota, 1985) as his residency project with CAT Cologne (April-June 2016). The group is based at CAT Cologne, cross-linked to Willkommen in Nippes and Alte Feuerwache e.V., amongst others, and coached by Neuer Kölner Filmhaus e.V. .

Crew members: Abdalkader Al-Hamchari, Basel Abas, Ehab Toumah, Mohamad Al-Hamchari, Mohamad Maaz, Fadhi Kalli, Safwan-Ha, Mohamad Rajab, Wesam Al-Hamad, Balde Al-Hassane, Kavunga Pedro, Saidou Balde, Laye Conde, Nikor Sido, Anas Aimesh, Nawar Alkheder, Robin Barezi.

Support Team: Ralf Tietz, Bettina Zimmermann, Hannah Biz, Rajeef Ibrahim, Cornelius Schaper, Mary Rizk, Salman Alkhir Abdo,  Felipe Castelblanco, Matthias Mayr, Julia Haarmann, Micke Felgner, Therese Schuleit; Neuer Kölner Film Haus e.V. , Markus Maria Hübner, Birgit Mischi, Achim Dunker, Gazmend Zogja ; Alte Feuerwache e.V., Juana Rooijakkers; Julia Wellmann, Yvonne Niggemann, samo.fa ; Xenia Kuhn, Bürgerzentrum Ehrenfeld ; Amin Farzanefar, Cinema Cinema! ;  Willkommen in Nippes, Christine Lieser, Miriam Haseleu ; and CAT Cologne friends

Support From:

Aktion Mensch
Aktion Neue Nachbarn
Robert Bosch
Afrika Film Festival