Borderless TV mobile App:

We are planning to make a new mobile App for making, sharing and discussing. Our BorderlessTV App will allow peers all over to learn about DYI filmmaking, then create movies within the App and share them in the network. This will be a tool for making epic movies with ubiquitous small powerful tools (phones, tablets).

This App will be multilingual and offer opportunities for media literacy. We are dreaming of new channels, where contributors can share their opinions, knowledge, talents and traditions they have brought along. This App can be an inclusive and powerful ‘borderless’ space within the cloud for horizontal democracy and wide participation.

Users will be able to also watch videos and navigate through a set of categories and themes that reflect their interests and values. Also, browse through locations where videos are being made and learn what is happening with the refugee community in other cities. Finally, with this app, we hope to expand our network to reach more peers (migrants, refugees, activists and supporters) through a curated platform for today’s demands for critical and inspirational content.